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Alright, stuff here.

Official Things[]

  1. Use preloads (click link for complete [?] list)
  1. Pick the preload you want
  2. Choose edit
  3. Copy the preload
  4. Exit the preload without saving any changes
  5. Paste the preload in a sandbox (see below -- piped link)
  6. Get to work
  1. Some preloads have been loaded into forms for user convenience. Add New 3.5e Class is one such example. By entering the proposed name for your class where it says "My Class" and clicking on the corresponding button, Wikia will automatically load a page for you with the preload. The downside to this is that if you do not have a finished product, you may need to move your class to a sandbox (see below -- piped link) until it is completed.

  1. Using spellcheck
  2. Keeping unfinished ideas in sandboxes sans categories
    1. Either create a sandbox via User:<--your username here-->/Sandbox (or other unique title) or move unfinished work to sandboxes via the move function using the aforementioned naming process
    2. The only category a sandbox may have on it is Category:Help Wanted, which is added automatically as a result of adding Template:Help Wanted. This template indicates to other users the creator's openness to receiving feedback and assistance during the article's developmental stages.
  3. How to italicize
  4. What/when to italicize
  5. How to bold
  6. What/When to bold
  7. How to create a piped link
  8. What/when (not) to capitalize