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Tactical Aid {{#set:Type=General}} [[Summary::Your knowledge of strategy and tactics lets you guide your allies in combat.]] Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::BAB +4]], [[Prerequisite::Intelligence 13]], [[Prerequisite::Charisma 13]], Prerequisite::Combat Expertise, Prerequisite::Knowledge (strategy & tactics) 7 ranksBenefit: As a full-round action, you provide tactical aid to all of your allies (including you) within sight and voice range of your position. When you do so, you make a Knowledge (strategy & tactics) skill check against DC 20. If your skill check succeeds, your allies gain a +1 competence bonus on initiative rolls, attack rolls, or defense rolls (your choice when you first use this ability) for 2d4+1 rounds. If your roll succeeds by 10 or more point, increase the bonus to +2. If it succeeds by 20 or more points, your allies gain a +3 competence bonus.

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