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Sylvan Tea[]

This tea often comes packaged in a fine mesh sack in a waterproof case, often a scroll case. A full container contains 2 lb. of tea. A single serving of tea requires a single ounce of tea leaves, thus, a full container holds 32 servings worth. The entire container costs 65 gold pieces (2 gp for each serving plus 1 gp for the case). If examined with detect magic, the tea gives off an aura of faint enchantment magic.

This finely mixed exotic tea has a soft herbal aroma with a smooth flavor and a tangy aftertaste. It has strange effects on non-fey. Any non-fey that consumes this sylvan tea must make a Will save DC 13 or be randomly affected by one of the following effects for 1d4 hours. Elves get a +2 bonus on their saves. These effects can be dispelled against a DC of 13. Roll a d4:

Table: Sylvan Tea Effects
Result Bonus Side Effect
1 +2 Enhancement bonus to Charisma Uncontrollable foolish giggling: -4 Hide
2 +1 Insight bonus on attacks Uncontrollable twitching: -2 on Dexterity-based skills.
3 +1 Bonus on saving throws Uncontrollable babbling speech: -4 Diplomacy
4 +1 Insight bonus to armor class Foolish prancing, skipping and foot tapping: Cannot double move action, run or charge.

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