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Sword of Hunger

{{#set:Summary=A sword that leeches health from enemies.}}

The blade of the sword is covered in clotted blood; in fact, the only place where the metal shines through is across its razor sharp edges. The crossguard is expertly done with extreme detail fashioned to look like worms intertwined. The hilt looks like a single piece of reddish leather. When holding it, one can feel a slight pulsating feeling, like that of blood flowing through a jugular. Etched at the base of the blade is the word “Handuar”. If that word is uttered when holding the hilt, the sword comes to life: the worms intertwined around the crossguard spring back and bore themselves into the arm of the wielder, ripping clothes and puncturing armor.

As they are attached, the wielders blood can be seen flowing through the now semi transparent worms and into the blade. The blade leeches a full 50 hp worth of blood at a rate of 5 hp per round. Once full, further blood is needed at the rate of 5 hp per day. Cutting an opponent for more than 5 hp counts as the hp needed for the day.

Furthermore if the sword is full, the 5 hp damage dealt to an enemy is transferred to the wielder instead (dealt damage in excess of 5 hp is lost). The sword is a +4 bastard sword, and activating it by speaking the command word grants full proficiency to use it. When both sword and wielder are at full hp, no other advantages are gained.

Caster Level: 13th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, vampiric touch, true strike;Price Cost::35,000 gp; Weight: 12 lb.

Weaknesses Edit

It is possible with a Strength check of DC 25 to bend the “worms” toward the blade, or a Reflex save of DC 15 to avoid the worms during activation. In both cases the sword will begin to feast on itself, thus destroying its power and rendering it a normal bastard sword.

Adventure Hook Edit

Upon arriving in the city of Tâl Vorgath, the party learns that this is a place of necromancy also called the City of the Ancients. They hear the stories of a blade called the Sword of Hunger which was lost five years ago. This necromantic blade is quite infamous, and the last who wielded it was a powerful undead called the Prowler. The party might decide that they should find this sword, before it can do more harm. There are many rumors of the Prowler, but all roads will lead them into the sewers, where secrets await them.

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