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It stills the mind, granting it eternal trance.

Sword of Ego Death[edit | edit source]

The Sword of Ego Death is a Ghost Touch Merciful Bastard Sword +3 that appears to be made of glass and filled with a soft blue glow. Summary::This blade strikes not merely the heart, but the mind, and instills a bizarre calm within the opponent. As a coup de grace against any helpless opponent, you can pin the sword into the target's mind and body. The sword impales them, leaving no blood. The target is consumed by a powerful calm and they do not move, age, or do anything but remain in a state of unmoving, death-like peace as long as the sword remains within their body. If left for a long time the body may eventually crystalize over, appearing as a diamond cocoon while the target remains bound within. They will not recover by any means until the sword is pulled from their body.

Needless to say in order for the binding function of the blade to work the sword must be abandoned afterwards to keep the target bound. Many good aligned deities have used such swords to seal away evil when a different punishment would not be humane, or when death is not an option. Unfortunately the ease at which the binding is broken has also led many a foolish treasure hunter to pluck the sword from the magical crystal, only to unleash a thousand year old evil.

It is one of the few tools that can defeat a dreamnaught, although impaling the creature causes it to dissolve and not return for another 72 years. The sword counts as silvered and epic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

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