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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A silver shield on a field of black
Home Plane: Gates of the Moon
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: dreams, sleep, healing, protection, mysticism, moonlight
Clergy Alignments: CG, CN, NG
Domains: Chaos, Good, Dream, Protection, Moon
Favored Weapon: Mace of Silver Dreams (heavy mace)

Surhane, also known as Our Lady of Dreams and Selune's Princess, is the lesser goddess of dreams, sleep, protection and moonlight, a servant of the moon goddess Selune. She is the daughter born from the coupling between Selune and the deceased lesser god of dreams Han-Vulas. Much of her power was a divine mix between those of her mother and those of her father. She resides in the Gates of the Moon along with her mother, serving as a companion and adviser to her mother. Her personal domain is known as the Tower of Dreamlight, a beautiful silver tower that is located within the same compound as her mother's Argentil Palace in the Gates of the Moon. A blanket of silvery mist always surrounded the tower, giving it a nice and mystical appearance in contrast to its glimmering silver walls.

Dogma[edit | edit source]

Always trust the moon and its holy light, for it gaves us power and strength. Aid our fellow Selunite brothers and sisters for they are our greatest allies. Look to the dreams for guidance, for it will always show us the right path.

Clergy and Temples[edit | edit source]

Surhane's church is essentially a branch of the main church of Selune, for they are a relatively new religion and doesn't possess enough power and influence yet to venture out on their own. Most temples that is dedicated to Selune will always include a smaller sect that is reserved exclusively to the followers of Surhane. The Surhanites shares much of the same festivals and rituals as with their fellow Selunite allies.

Pantheon[edit | edit source]

Surhane is the daughter and servant of the goddess Selune. She is allied with Sune, Eilistraee, Sehanine Moonbow, Chauntea, Yondalla and Angharradh. She is on good terms with most of the good and neutral-aligned deities. She opposes most of the deities associated with evil and darkness, and she reserved her special hatred for Shar, Lolth, and ofcourse her archenemy Mask.

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