Created By: LordRimus
Date Created: 18th June 2019
Status: Beta
Edit: Grammar Only

Prerequisites: Divine rank 16, Int 50, Cha 40, Create Object salient divine ability, Create Greater Object salient divine ability, Divine Creation divine ability, Greater Divine Creation salient divine ability, Master Crafter salient divine ability, 38 ranks in three different Craft skills.

  • Deity can add Immortal quality to her created creatures. Meaning they no longer take penalties or bonuses to their ability scores for aging, cannot be magically aged or die of old age. For each creature with such a quality added, deity must rest for additional Creature's HD * 2,5 hours. 
  • Deity can create no more than (5 x Deity's Divine Ranks) HD of creatures per year.
  • Greater freedom manipulating new creature's stats, abilities and appearance.
  • Can create unique creatures without creating Template beforehand, rest time is twice that of normal creation.
  • Can create up to 5 HD of creatures without impairment per year.
  • The deity must convert a considerable amount of its own energy into a creature, which always leaves the deity impaired. The deity must rest for 2,5 minutes × the creature’s Hit Dice × the creature’s Challenge Rating for each creature created, with a minimum of 2,5 minutes per creature. If the creature has class levels, each level counts as an additional Hit Die.
  • Deity can create an object with a value of up to 10000 gp without impairment. For every additional 10000 gp of value (or fraction of 10000 gp), the deity must rest for 2,5 minutes. If the deity is creating an item on a divinely morphic plane or within its own godly realm, it can create a 20000 gp item without resting. If the deity’s realm is located on a divinely morphic plane, it can create a 30000 gp item there without having to rest.
  • Gets +5 divine bonus on all craft and creation checks. (To a total of +10 with Greater Divine Creation)
  • If Deity possess Craft Artifact salient divine ability, or other way of creating Artifacts, she can create Artifacts using this ability, within item values described above.
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