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Balance: Rogue

Suppressed Memories [Type::Torture, Type::Vile] Summary::You torture creatures with such ruthless and cruel methods, that they actually block out the event from their memory. Prerequisites: Prerequisite::Evil Alignment, [[Prerequisite::Bringer of Agony]]Benefit: Whenever you successfully force a person to give you a piece of information via the Torture intimidate skill use, they completely block the period of time during which they were being tortured from their mind. They have absolutely no recollection of the event, and, if at all possible, will actually block out your face from their mind. Additionally, due to the mental trauma that you caused them, they also have nightmares almost every night. Every time the person who you tortured falls asleep, there's a 80% chance that, at some time while they rest, they have a nightmare. This acts like the nightmare spell (DC 17 + your Cha modifier, the target uses their normal Will save, without the modifiers listed in the nightmare spell description), except the nightmare has no actual 'caster', is extraordinary, and is caused by the target's own mind.

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