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Superior Critical Edit

As the rules are written, we all roll a second time to confirm a critical hit, but what does this add? As written the chances of succeeding on a critical hit actually decrease. But in my games, there is potential. What if, as you rolled a second time, another 20 came up?

Vanilla Superior CriticalEdit

On a natural 20 on a critical confirmation roll, a weapon does it's damage multiplier squared in damage. For example, a superior critical with a longsword deals damage x4, while a great axe deals damage x9. Really simple, but deadly.

Important Note: do NOT under any circumstances figure threat range beyond 20 in the confirmation roll. This is important, as then the rapier and it's cousins will become the deadliest weapons in the game! I also recommend using Failtacular in addition to this variant, as by itself this rule can result in crying players weeping for their instantly slain players with no chance of karmic justice. This is what happened to my group.

Hit Location Based Superior CriticalEdit

This is the version I use for Large or smaller targets, because my group rolls for hit location anyway. (As a side note, Huge and larger monsters have been divided into sections in my campaigns, thus use the previous rule for being hit.)

Just roll a d12- 1 is a head shot, 2-3 are the arms, 4-5 are the hands, 6-7 are the legs, 8-9 are the feet, 10 is the chest, 11 is the stomach, 12 is a full body assault. Then I consult the table.

Normal Critical Superior Critical
1Head Dazed Stunned Coup De Grace
2,3Arm none none Severed, Critical Damage²
4,5Hand none none Severed, Critical Damage
6,7Leg none none Severed, Critical Damage²
8,9Foot none none Severed, Critical Damage
10Chest none dazed Critical Damage²
11Stomach none dazed Critical Damage²
12Full Body Dazed Stunned Coup De Grace

Also under this variant, the Vorpal trait is changed.

Vorpal- A weapon with this quality that succeeds on a critical hit determines the effects and damage as a superior critical. This quality can only be placed on a slashing weapon.

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