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Summary: This spell creates a stable gateway to the primal depths of the elemental plane of fire, containing an orb 2 feet across of intense fire and heat.

Sunfire Orb
[[SRD:Conjuration School|Conjuration]] (Creation, Teleportation) [[[SRD:Fire Effect|Fire]]]
Spellcraft DC: 120
Casting time: 1 standard action
Range: 300 ft.
Effect: One orb of primal fire
Duration: Up to 24 hours
Saving Throw: Reflex partial or half; read text.
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop: 1,080,000 gp; 22 days; 43,200 XP; Seeds: afflict (DC 14), conjure (DC 21), energy (DC 19), transport (DC 27); Factors: Conjure a stable gateway 5 ft. across using the Conjure and Transport seeds, ad hoc: compress the gateway into a moveable orb of fire 2 ft. across (+5 DC). Blind everyone within radius of damage effect. (+2 DC). Ad hoc: increase ambient damage to 20d4 (+20 DC), triple damage on direct hit (+20 DC), ad hoc: allow the orb to be moved at 100 ft. per round (+30 DC), triple duration for orb effect (+6 DC), increase orb's ambient damage dice to d6's (+10 DC), increase damage range to 200 ft. (+40 DC). +20 to the spell DC and to caster level checks to beat dispel effect (+80 DC), standard action casting time (+22 DC). Mitigating Factors: Ad hoc: anyone can take mental control of the orb. (-50 DC), no penalties due to Afflict (-4 DC), 4 additional casters contributing 9th level spell slots (-68 DC), burn 8,000 XP (-80 DC).

This spell creates a stable gateway to the primal depths of the elemental plane of fire, containing an orb 2 feet across of intense fire and heat. The orb can be moved telepathically by the caster at a maximum rate of 100 ft. per round, requiring a free action worth of effort. The miniature sun creates powerful light that brightly illuminates everything within a 1,000 ft. area, and provides shadowy illumination out up to 2,000 ft. The orb can be used as a sun, but also as a means to attack enemies; if a creature makes direct contact with the orb, it is dealt 60d6 fire damage (Reflex save for 20d6) and furthermore, any creature within 200 ft. of the orb is dealt 10d6 fire damage from the ambient heat alone. Items carried must also save or catch flame when the creature carrying them is dealt damage. The fire from the sunfire orb emanates straight from the elemental plane of fire. The DC of the spell and the caster's caster level for the purposes of resisting attempted dispels are all heightened by +22.

Controlling a Sunfire Orb: To control a sunfire orb requires a Concentration check against a base DC equal to the spell's DC. Every form of control over the sunfire orb is a free action. After establishing control, the controller may move it as he wishes; only for forcing it to make direct attacks, new checks are required. The caster of the spell gains a +20 bonus to any Concentration check involving his sunfire orb.

Table: Actions with a Sunfire Orb
Action DC
Establishing control over the orb Base DC
Wresting control over the orb from another caster Opposed Concentration checks
Maneuvering the orb to attack a particular creature Base DC (+10 for every target over the first)1
1. It is possible to attack any number of creatures with the sunfire orb each round, as long as all of those creatures can be reached by the orb within 100 ft. worth of movement. To target more than one creature, the controller of the orb needs to make consecutive Concentration checks, adding +10 to the DC for every targeted enemy over the first. After the first failed check, the orb will stabilize in its position, and control over its movement can be resumed next round.

Sunfire Orb and Aiding Another: It is possible for other casters to use Concentration checks in order to aid another to control the orb. A successful Concentration check against the sunfire orb spell DC bestows the controller a +10 bonus per aiding spellcaster on all his checks to guide the orb's movement for the round.

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