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Sun elves, also called gold elves, have bronze skin with black, copper, or golden hair. Their eyes are either golden or green, with a strong majority possessing the former rather than the latter. Sun elves are slightly taller than other elves, averaging the same height as humans, but have a somewhat lighter build. They are otherwise identical to regular elves.

Sun elves are not commonly seen in the lands of other creatures, largely because they do not wish to be. They are an extremely haughty race that rarely associate with others, going so far as to bar non-elves from sun elf lands except under unusual circumstances. Like their more common kin, sun elves make large use of structures that are grown rather than built: their homes are often built into the trunks of ancient trees, with bridges and tree branch archways connecting and supporting adjacent dwellings. However, their grandest buildings are massive palaces carved from crystal and glass and reinforced with magical energies that cause them to glow in a multitude of colors.

Although they maintain a close connection to nature, sun elves are not nearly as in tune with the primal forces as their kin, preferring a scholarly life of study and contemplation over the wild, nomadic ways of their brethren. Those steeped in the arcane arts are esteemed in sun elf society and can often rise to positions of great political power. In fact, most sun elf kings and queens are also powerful spellcasters.

Sun Elf[]

Race: Elf


Ability Scores: You lose your +2 racial bonus to your Dexterity score
Skills: You lose your +2 racial bonus to Nature checks
Elven Accuracy: You do not possess the elven accuracy power.


Ability Scores: You gain a +2 racial bonus to your Intelligence score
Skills: You gain a +2 racial bonus to Insight checks
Erudite Student: You can use erudite student as an encounter power.

Erudite Student Sun Elf Racial Power
Years of study and contemplation grant you insight into your current situation.
Action Type::Free Action Personal
Effect: Add your Intelligence modifier to the next saving throw or skill check you make before the end of your next turn.

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