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{{#set:Summary=Sumo wrestlers are big, tough guys who take a lot to take down. This guy's unstoppable. |Length=8 |Minimum Level=7 |Base Attack Bonus Progression=Poor |Fortitude Save Progression=Good |Reflex Save Progression=Poor |Will Save Progression=Good |Class Ability=Other |Class Ability Progression=Separate }} {{#set:Allowed Alignments=Lawful Good}} {{#set:Allowed Alignments=Lawful Neutral}} {{#set:Allowed Alignments=Lawful Evil}} {{#set:Allowed Alignments=Neutral Good}} {{#set:Allowed Alignments=Neutral}} {{#set:Allowed Alignments=Neutral Evil}} {{#set:Allowed Alignments=Chaotic Good}} {{#set:Allowed Alignments=Chaotic Neutral}} {{#set:Allowed Alignments=Chaotic Evil}}

Sumo OverkillEdit

Wrauhhh! When I get up to you, I will crush you eventually!
—Dulustar Graff, Gray Elf Sumo Overkill, Dulustar Graff's Guide to Appropriate Battlecries

The Sumo Overkill is an unstoppable behemoth of flesh.

Becoming a Sumo OverkillEdit

Characters pursue the idea of being a Sumo Overkill because they don't like the idea of being stopped by anything.

Entry Requirements
Base Attack Bonus: +3.
Hit Dice: 7.
Feats: Sumo.
Base Saving Throws: Will +4 and Fortitude +8.
Special: Must eat seven bowls of rice in one sitting.

Table: The Sumo Overkill

Hit Die: d12

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +0 +2 +0 +2 +2 Constitution, Poison Immunity, Ability Damage Immunity
2nd +1 +3 +0 +3 +2 Constitution, Disease Immunity, Ability Drain Immunity
3rd +1 +3 +1 +3 +2 Constitution, Death Immunity, Breath Immunity, Negative Level Immunity
4th +2 +4 +1 +4 +2 Constitution, Mind of Flesh
5th +2 +4 +1 +4 +2 Constitution, Spell Resistance
6th +3 +5 +2 +5 +2 Constitution, Trap Immunity
7th +3 +5 +2 +5 +2 Constitution, Damage Reduction
8th +4 +6 +2 +6 +2 Constitution, True Death Immunity

Class Skills (Skill Points::2 + Int modifier per level.
Autohypnosis (Wis), Concentration (Con), Intimidate (Cha), Listen (Wis), Search (Int), Use Rope (Dex).

Class FeaturesEdit

All of the following are class features of the Sumo Overkill.

Constitution Bonus (Ex): Every level of Sumo Overkill increases her Constitution score by 2.

Poison Immunity (Ex): At level 1, the Sumo Overkill's immense stomach makes her immune to all kinds of poison.

Ability Damage Immunity (Ex): At level 1, the Sumo Overkill's sheer mass makes her immune to all kinds of ability damage.

Disease Immunity (Ex): At level 2, the Sumo Overkill's mighty marrow makes her immune to all forms of disease.

Ability Drain Immunity (Ex): At level 2, the Sumo Overkill's sheer vitality makes her immune to all kinds of ability drain.

Death Immunity (Ex): At level 3, the Sumo Overkill's sheer force of person makes her immune to death effects.

Negative Level Immunity (Ex): At level 3, the Sumo Overkill's sheer force of being makes her incapable of suffering negative levels.

Breath Immunity (Ex): At level 3, the Sumo Overkill's sheer size of lung makes her no longer need to breathe.

Mind of Flesh (Ex): At level 4, the Sumo Overkill's sheer mass of skull makes her immune to mind-affecting effects, and cannot be stunned, dazed, confused, frightened, shaken, cowering, panicked, or paralyzed.

Spell Resistance (Ex): At level 5, the Sumo Overkill's girth confuses the weave of magic. She gains spell resistance equal to her hit dice plus her Constitution modifier. If she already has Spell Resistance, she may add half of her Constitution modifier to that value instead.

Trap Immunity (Su): At level 6, the Sumo Overkill chooses to escape mere traps, pits, and prison planes. Thus, she cannot be entangled, and her flow of time cannot be stopped (such as by temporal stasis or imprisonment). In addition, with a 1-hour purely mental action, the Sumo Overkill may bring herself and up to her heavy load to any point she has been on any plane. Effects that prevent teleportation or planeshifting into an area can stop this effect, but effects that prevent leaving are ignored.

Damage Reduction (Ex): At level 7, the Sumo Overkill's flesh finally becomes amazingly tough. She gains Damage Reduction X/-, where X is her Constitution modifier. This Damage Reduction stacks with other sources of Damage Reduction.

True Death Immunity (Ex): At level 8, the Sumo Overkill becomes so dense, the gravitational pull of her soul pulls her back to life. While she is dead, every day there is a 1% chance she will come back to life with a fresh new body in a completely random place on a random plane. This causes no level loss.

Campaign InformationEdit

Playing a Sumo OverkillEdit

Combat: Like a tank, without the cannons.

Advancement: Something that can do things other than survive.

Resources: Sumo Overkills tend to gather in particularly intense Sumo Wrestling matches.

Sumo Overkills in the WorldEdit

Me go "bump". Dey go "Wheee!"

Sumo Overkills fit wherever they feel like, and don't you forget it.

NPC Reactions: NPCs may be a bit annoyed at the humongous demand for rice.

Sumo Overkill LoreEdit

Characters with ranks in Knowledge (Geography) can research Sumo Overkills to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

Knowledge (Geography)
DC Result
11 Sumo Overkills were Sumo wrestlers once, and usually still are.
16 Sumo Overkills acquire a remarkable number of immunities.
21 Sumo Overkills can escape even being chained to a wall in a dungeon in a demiplane within Carceri.
26 Truly powerful Sumo Overkills cannot be killed.

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