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Summon the Legion [Leadership, Spellcasting]

{{#set:Prerequisite=None}} Benefits: This is a spellcasting feat that scales with the highest-level spell slot you have.

  • 0: You may call any of your followers or cohorts granted by a feat as a standard action. When you call one, you may choose one of a specific interchangeable kind or a specific one. This is a Conjuration (Calling) effect. The follower appears at a point you designate within close range. Unlike other (Calling) effects, it works regardless of what plane of existence you or your follower are on.
  • 1: You can call a group of group of minions, causing you to gain a leadership score equal to your unmodified caster level + your Charisma modifier, and attract followers. These followers must not be native to the material plane.
  • 3: You are able to enforce the loyalty of a mighty planar creature, giving you a cohort who must not be native to the material plane.
  • 6: When any creature within close range of you is subject to a hostile teleportation or abjuration effect that would result in it being teleported and that allows a saving throw, you may choose to make a saving throw as well. If you succeed, the effect is negated.
  • 9: You can call any subset (including "all of them") of your cohorts and followers as a standard action, placing each individual at any point you choose within long range. You can summon any cohort you have as a standard action to anywhere in close range of you, but only one at a time, as a (Summoning) effect. Summoned cohorts remain so for one round per level or until killed. If killed while summoned, they reform 24 hours later.{{#set:Type=Leadership}}{{#set:Type=Spellcasting}}

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