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Balance: Fighter

Sturdy Fellow [Type::Subsidy] Summary::You are quite hard to stop {{#set:Prerequisite=None}}Benefit: See below

Subsidy Feat Bonuses are based on what other feats you possess.

  • Endurance: You gain resist 2 nonlethal and can sleep in heavy armor without being fatigued.
  • Great Fortitude: You become immune to nonmagical diseases and poisons.
  • Skill Focus (Concentration): Ignore the first one point/HD of damage that any source dealt to you for the purpose of determining the Concentration check DC.
  • Toughness: Your maximum hp increases by 1 for every hit die you possess. This includes future hit dice. The bonus granted by this feat increases by 1 hp per hit die for every two additional instances of Toughness you possess beyond the first.

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