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This page details a weapon with special rules for enhancing and using its magic properties; for more information, see Ray Weapons in Eberron.

Stun Ray

Summary::The ultimate submission weapon, ''stun rays'' are favorites of the Sharn City Watch and found much use in the Last War. Sleek and easily concealed, the stun ray fires a pulsating golden ray, with a range of 30 ft. Any creature hit by the ray must make a saving throw, DC 14 + the wielder's highest mental ability score, or be stunned for 1d4 rounds. Once fired, a stun ray must cool down for 5 rounds before it can be fired again. A stun ray is a mind-affecting ability.

Strong Enchantment, CL 15th. Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Item, power word stun. Cost 12,500 gp + 1,000 xp. Price Cost::25,000 gp. Weight 1/2 lbs.

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