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Balance: Fighter

Stubborn Fellow [{{#arraymap: Subsidy|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::You ''disagree''. {{#set:Prerequisite=None}}Benefit: See below

Subsidy Feat Bonuses are based on what other feats you possess.

  • Iron Will: At the end of any round during which you did not take any actions, you may roll a Will save against any effects currently applying to you that permitted a Will save when they were originally applied.
  • Self-Sufficient: You have a 20% chance to stabilize while unconscious, instead of a 10% chance.
  • Improved Turning: You get a +1 bonus on your turning check roll.
  • Improved Counterspell: The spell you use to counter spells with can be of an equal level as the spell you are countering.
  • Diehard: You take an additional number of points of damage to die equal to your hit dice (-10 to -15 if you have 5 HD).
  • Combat Casting: You can attempt to cast spells without their Somatic components with a DC 20 + Spell level Concentration check. Failure results in the spell failing.

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