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Date Created: January 14, 2009
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Step Into the Gloom - Nightwatch[]

Step Into the Gloom is a Sourcebook usable for D20 Modern. Step Into the Gloom is a Sourcebook to implement the Night Watch Universe into your campaigns. Night Watch is a successful tetralogy by Sergei Lukyanenko, detailing the struggle between two opposing factions in modern day Moscow. The Night Watch polices the Dark Others, Who are made up of Werewolves, Dark Sorcerers, and Vampires. The Day Watch polices the Light Others, who are comprised of Magicians and Shapeshifters.

This supplement for the D&D game presents an alternative to high level spells by implementing the Ever-Present Twilight from the Night Watch Universe. Battles are gritty, and even with powerful spells at your disposal, it's no guarantee that the Gloom won't devour your life force.


The Night, the Day, and the Twilight

True History
The Night Watch
The Day Watch
The Twilight

Warriors of the Twilight

Character Classes
Twilight Magician
Combat Magician
Twilight Warlock
Twilight Vampire
Twilight Werewolf
Advanced Classes
Agent of the Inquisition
High Magician
High Vampire of the Twilight
Master Shifter
Allegiance and Spellcasting

Other Skills and Feats for... Others.

New Skills
New Feats
New Spells

Running a D20 Night Watch Campaign

Staring into the Abyss
All Things Cast a Shadow
Collaborations Between the Watches
The Inquisition

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