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Balance: Wizard

Stealth Speaker [{{#arraymap: Wordcasting|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::You speak your words in an almost imperceptible manner Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Know at least one spell word|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: This feat scales with your Wordcasting level.

  • Level 1: Whispering Words — You speak your words quietly enough that you can make Move Silently checks while doing so.
  • Level 5: Subtle Hand Gestures — You move your hands (or other target-designating limbs) subtly enough that it takes a DC 25 Spot check to notice, and only if they're watching you.
  • Level 10: Handless — You don't actually move your limbs at all when you cast spells; you just imagine it. Your Wordcasting spells have no Somatic component.
  • Level 15: Voiceless — You don't actually move your speak when you cast spells; the weave of magic reads your mind. Your Wordcasting spells have no Verbal component.

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