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Starsong AvatarEdit

You are the incarnation of one of the countless stars of the endless night.

Prerequisite: 21st level, Songweaver

It is said by some that the stars are immortal beings that watch over mortal heroes, guiding them along their paths. It is also said that sometimes, a star may be born in a mortal vessel to influence the world directly. As a starsomg avatar, you are such a being, your powers manifest through the music of the songweavers you once guided to the secrets of musical magic.

As a starsong avatar, you have little memory of your past life as a star, if any, but you retain the wisdom and some of the magic that was yours in star form. You may not remember you purpose you where born for, but you can still guide your allies along the paths they where born for and in the process achieve your own destiny.


When your Destiny Quest is complete, and you have guided your allies to the end of their destinies, it is time for you to ascend back to the night. Perhaps you remain for some time in your mortal body before you ascend, and perhaps you bring another with you when you do so. One path of ascension is outlined below, but yours might be different.

Beacon of Light: When you have finished your task, you glow with the light of the stars, and now you know why you lived a mortal life. When you are ready, you sing to the heavens, embracing the light that carries you as a beacon of radiance to your former home. Your memory of your former remains with you, bringing further wisdom which you use yto guide heroes along their paths, and one day, you may use in a mortal adventure of your own once again.

Starsong Avatar FeaturesEdit

All starsong avatars have the following features.

Star's Wisdom (21st Level): Your Wisdom and Charisma scores both increase by 2.
Liberating Light (21st Level): Allies adjacent to you gain a +2 bonus to saving throws against being dominated, immobilized, restrained or slowed.
Light of Revival (24th Level): The first time each day you begin your turn dying or dead, you revive. You regain hit points equal to your bloodied value, and you can use a single songweaver power with thev radiant keyword as a free action.
Star's Light (30th Level): Light shines from your form, giving off bright light within 5 squares. You can suppress or resume your star's light as a free action. In addition, when you use an arcane healing power, the recipient regains an additional 25 hit points.

Starsong Avatar PowerEdit

Starlight Healing Starsong Avatar Utility 26
Your song calls a glow of radiant light that heals a nearby ally.
Usage::Daily ✦ Arcane, Healing
Action Type::Minor Action Close burst 5
Target: You or one ally in burst
Effect: The target regains all his or her hit points.

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