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Star Gate
Psychoportation [Teleportation]
Level: World Dominator 6
Display: Audible, Visual, Mental
Manifesting Time: Standard
Range: Long (400' +40'/level) (one hole) and Anywhere (the other hole)
Effect: Two connected 200' radius holes
Duration: instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Power Resistance: No
Power Points: 11

In the silence of space, a giant hole suddenly opens and the plane of fire slowly oozes vast streams of lava into the material plane.

This creates two 200' radius circular regions in two separate places. Passing through one circle results in travel to the other circle smoothly and instantaneously. The back sides of the circles are a completely nonreflective black.

Gravity does not pass through the hole, providing an easy supply of free energy generation.


  • You can spend any number of additional power points to double the radii of the holes for each point spent. This does not follow D&D's multiplication rule.
  • You can spend 10 additional power points to increase the range of the first hole to "Anywhere".
  • You can spend 4 additional power points to make the holes mobile. They can move up to 30' per round, at your telepathic command, provided you are within 100' of them (either one, since they are functionally in the same place).
  • You can spend 3 additional power points to prevent unattended gases from passing through the hole.
  • You can spend 3 additional power points to prevent magical and psionic energy such as spells or telepathy from passing through the hole.
  • You can spend 5 additional power points to prevent creatures from passing through the hole.

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