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{{#set:Summary=Your spiritual body is much larger and imposing than your physical body, and you can impose its presence upon the material world to seem bigger than you are. }} {{#set:Discipline=Anima River|Type=Boost}}

Spiritual Pressure
Anima River (Boost)
Level: Level::4
Prerequisite: Two Anima River maneuvers
Initiation Action: Immediate
Range: Personal
Target: Self
Duration: 1 round

You only glare at your opponent, and they seem to stumble under some invisible suffocating weight. Try as they might, you're simply too much of a large and imposing figure to fight effectively.

Your aura grows into a large barely visible ripple around your body that bulks up your form, so that you can perform feats of creatures much larger and more powerful than you. When you initiate this maneuver, you treat yourself as two size categories larger than you actually are for 1 round. This allows you to avoid or improve your chances in a grapple by pushing around your spiritual bulk, or improve your ability to intimidate others with the show of force that your aura commands. You may employ this as an immediate action to avoid being swallowed whole, for example, in which case the attempt fails.

This maneuver is a supernatural ability.

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