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Spider Lord[]

By the spider queen's will, I am as a lord among spiders

Prerequisite: Paladin, Worship either Lolth or Arachne

You, and you alone have lordship over the spider queen's children. Given mastery over their kind, you can command and control spiders where others believe it to be impossible. You are truly one of them, fighting in battle with mastery of the spider's fighting techniques.

Spider Lord Path Features[]

Saltacidic Pounce (11th Level): When an enemy you have marked with your Divine Challenge power makes an attack that does not include you as a target, you can teleport adjacent to it and make a basic melee attack against it as an immediate reaction.
Spider-step Action (11th Level): When you spend an action point, you also gain a move action.
Command Spiders (16th Level): You gain the Command Spiders feat as a bonus feat. If you do not have the channel divinity class feature, you gain it (as the cleric's class feature), except that you do not gain the turn undead or divine fortune powers.

Theraphosid Strike Spider Lord Attack 11
The strength of the theraphosa is behind your blade.
Usage::Encounter ✦ Arachane, Poison, Weapon
Action Type::Standard Action Melee weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Strength Vs. AC
Hit: 2[W] + Strength modifier damage, and ongoing 5 poison damage (save ends).

Spider's Ambush Spider Lord Utility 12
You have mastered the ambushing techniques of various spiders.
Usage::Daily ✦ Arachane
Action Type::No Action Personal
Effect: Make a Stealth check and use that as your initiative check result. If you get the first turn in the encounter, you can shift up to your speed as a free action before taking any other actions.

Spider Queen's Bite Spider Lord Attack 20
You strike with the venom of the spider queen.
Usage::Daily ✦ Arachane, Poison, Weapon
Action Type::Standard Action Melee weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Strength Vs. Fortitude
Hit: 4[W] + Strength modifier damage, and the target is weakened and takes ongoing 5 poison damage (save ends).
Miss: Half damage, and the target is not weakened and does not take ongoing damage.

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