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Spider Box Level 3+
This pale white stone box is carved with bas-reliefs depicting spiders of all shapes and sizes. Some wriggling thing within the container causes it to shake violently.
Level 3680 gpLevel 1885000 gp
Level 83400 gpLevel 23425000 gp
Level 1317000 gpLevel 282125000 gp

Wondrous Item
Power (4e Item Usage::Daily ♦ As power): 4e Item Action Type::Standard Action. As the arachnomancer power Horde of Spiders.

8th Level: As Sea of Arachnida.
13th Level: As Deathly Swarm.
18th Level: As Tide of Death.
23rd Level: As Deadly Fountain.
28th Level: As Surging Death.
The spider box is placed in the owner's square. If the power is an area attack, the area of effect of the power is centered around the square the spider box is placed in as if it where a close attack made by the spider box. The power does not affect you (as if you used the power), and the power's attack and damage rolls are made by you (rather than the box).

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