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There are lots of spells in D&D. In the PHB alone it goes on for one hundred and five pages of pure descriptions, and there's an entire 285 page book called the Spell Compendium that is just spells. Finding a spell you want can be very difficult.

So by request, here's a list of spells that will actually remove your opponents from combat from levels one through nine for Wizards and Sorcerers. If you keep a few of these on hand at each level, you'll probably have something level-appropriate to do against your enemies.

There are also a crap-tonne of other spells that serve functions as utility spells (knock, daylight), completely abusive utility spells (scry, shrink item), mobility spells (teleport, fly), buff spells (magic circle against evil, mindblank), and situational spells (shatter, slide[1]). There will be times when you need to use these spells to complete adventures or crush your enemies super hard. But this is just a list of spells that you can use to remove enemies from play.

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