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&Alien to 4e Primal Powers
4e Psionic Powers to Aralhal (3.5e Deity)
Aranae (3.5e Deity) to Beast Sense
Beatdown Strike (4e Power) to Burrow
Burrowing Bony Digits (Dread Codex Spell) to Combusken (3.5e Monster)
Command to Deeka (3.5e Race)
Deeka Thug (3.5e NPC) to Dying 3.75 Edition (DnD Variant Rule)
Dying is Serious (3.5e Variant Rule) to Fey Dance (4e Feat)
Fey Harmony (4e Feat) to Gold Chocobo (3.5e Monster)
Gold Dragon to Hellmouth (3.5e Spell)
Hellscarred (3.5e Feat) to Iron Bar (3.5e Equipment)
Iron Bird (3.5e Monster) to Literate Mage (3.5e Prestige Class)
Little Brother/Sister (3.5e Trait) to Metal (3.5e Sphere)
Metal (3.5e Subtype) to Omerta Endecha (3.5e NPC)
Ominous Presence (3.5e Maneuver) to Pseudo-Dynamicism Strike (3.5e Feat)
Pseudodragon to Rock Crab (3.5e Monster)
Rock Frog (3.5e Monster) to Skindancer (3.5e Prestige Class)
Skitty (3.5e Monster) to Stillborn (Dread Codex 2 Spell)
Sting of the Scorpion (3.5e Feat) to ThirdEmperor/Sandbox (3.5e Class)
Thoon Hulk to Vestigial Wings (4e Feat)
Veteran (3.5e Feat) to Zweiręka (3.5e Class)
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