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Spear-Staff[edit source]

Superior Melee weapons[edit source]


Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Spear-Staff +3 1d8 _ 15 6lb. spear,staff Defensive,Double Weapon,Reach*,Implement**

The spear-staff is a deadly combination created by the Mizzoara Battle Mage guild, the founding guild of the battle mage tradition. The spear-staff was designes to have the combat capabilities of a spear, as well as being able to use for magical purposes. If you Twist the Spear-Staff, it gains the reach property, but gains a -1 to attack. It can still be used as a staff for the purpose of casting implements. Twisting the staff takes a minor action, and twisting it back also takes a minor action.

**Implement Usable as Staff for the purpose of casting spells.

**Reach* Usable only when used as spear.

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