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{{#set:Name=Snowflake|CR=1|Size=Medium|Summary=A crystalline lattice forms this elemental into the shape of a snowflake.|Type=Elemental (Cold)}}


CR 1

N Medium Elemental (Cold)
Init/Senses -1/darkvision 60ft.; Listen +6, Spot +6
AC 15, touch 12, flat-footed 15; DR 1/—, not subject to critical hits or flanking.
(+3 deflection, +3 natural, -1 dex)
hp 28 (3d8+15 HD)
Immune Cold, Mind-effecting abilities, poison, sleep effects, paralysis, and stunning.
Resist fire 5
Fort/Ref/Will +7/+0/+2
Weakness vulnerability to sonic damage
Speed 30ft. (6 squares); Hover
Melee Ray of Frost +1 ranged touch (1d3 cold damage, 30ft. range, Su effect)
Space/Reach 5ft./5ft.
Base Atk/Grp +2/+2
Atk Options Cold Shield
Abilities Str 11, Dex 9, Con 19, Int —, Wis 12, Cha 4
SQ Mindless, Attracted to Cold, Shattered Remains
Feats Toughness, Alertness
Skills Listen +6, Spot +6
Advancement 4–5 HD (Medium), 6-7 HD (Large)
Hover (Su) Snowflakes hover approximately 3 feet above the ground and as such ignore difficult terrain, do not trigger traps on the ground, etc.
Attracted to Cold (Ex) Whenever a creature would deal cold damage to a snowflake, it makes a will saving throw DC 10 + cold damage that would be dealt. If it fails, the creature gains control of the snowflake for 5 minutes and can mentally command it as a move action to use its Ray of Frost against targets and its Cold Shield on allies. It will continue to take these actions until otherwise directed. If it would take further cold damage from its master during the duration, the duration is reset, potentially allowing creatures with a constant way to deal cold damage to control a snowflake indefinitely.
Cold Shield (Su) As a swift action, a snowflake can grant a creature within 30ft. 5 temporary hitpoints until the snowflake's next round. If another creature damages the creature with the temporary hitpoints, it takes 1 cold damage for every 2 temporary hitpoints it removes. Snowflakes cannot be targeted by Cold Shield.
Shattered Remains (Su) When a snowflake is destroyed, it leaves broken crystalline shards on the ground that count as difficult terrain and deal 1 cold damage to any creature that steps on the square. This effect lasts for 5 minutes.

Floating three feet above the ground is a icy crystalline lattice that resembles a snowflake. Around it is a eerie blue glow and although it is cold enough already, you feel as if the temperature has dropped a few degrees.

Snowflakes are created in places where powerful magical springs have frozen over. Although they are native to another plane, their essence is almost always formed in the material plane, drawing power from other planes to form the snowflake.

They are strongly attracted to magical cold and will obey all of the wishes to the best of their ability of those who provide them with magical cold energy.


Snowflakes are docile unless they are used as a tool by another creature. Other creatures will make liberal use of their Cold Shield ability to focus attention on the Snowflake. The snowflake's main role in combat is, therefore, to defend other creatures.

Snowflake tactics are extremely simple and direct.

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