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Slippery Contortionist [Skill]

Your childhood nickname was "Greasy the Pig," but now people call you "The Great Hamster." {{#set:Summary=Your childhood nickname was "Greasy the Pig," but now people call you "The Great Hamster." }}

Benefits: This is a skill feat that scales with your ranks in Escape Artist{{#set:Skill=Escape Artist}}.

  • 0 ranks: You gain +3 to your Escape Artist checks.
  • 4 ranks: While squeezing into a space at least half as wide as your normal space, you may move your normal speed and you take no penalty to your attack rolls or AC for squeezing.
  • 9 ranks: You can squeeze through a tight space or an extremely tight space as a full-round action, but you take a -10 penalty to your Escape Artist check. Opponents grappling you don't get positive size modifiers added to their grapple bonus when you use Escape Artist to try to break their hold.
  • 14 ranks: If you succeed on a DC 30 Escape Artist check, you can ignore magical effects that impede movement as if you were under the effects of freedom of movement for one round; this is not an action. You can also slip through a wall of force or similar barrier with a DC 40 check.
  • 19 ranks: You can make an Escape Artist check instead of a saving throw for any effect that would keep you from taking actions. (This does not help against effects that don't allow a saving throw.){{#set:Type=Skill}}{{#set:Prerequisite=None}}

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