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{{#set: |Type=Minor |Summary=A device for traveling between alternate universes in a more or less random fashion. }}

Slide Rule of Alternatives Edit

This device looks much like an ordinary slide rule, although the markings indicate time rather than calculated values.

When first created, the sliding element is latched onto the other elements of the slide rule. Upon removing the latch, a portal to an alternate universe is created.

If the slide rule passes through the portal, the sliding element of the slide rule sets itself to 1d6 × 1d6 × 1d6 × 1d6 × 1d6 × 1d6 rounds. If the slide rule does not pass through the portal before the portal closes, the slide rule is destroyed. The portal closes 10 rounds after it opens.

When the specified amount of time has passed, it creates a new portal. It's possible to force the slide rule to create a new portal before that time; doing so has a 25% chance of destroying the slide rule, although the portal will be created whether or not the slide rule is destroyed.

Whenever a portal is created, roll a d% and consult the following table to determine the properties of the alternate universe it transports you to. Although the results are very different, the cause of the difference should be some event that can be summarized in a single sentence.

The portal leads to a place that corresponds to a place within 1 mile of the portal entrance.

Table: Alternate Universe Type
die roll universe
0-1 A universe to which the slide rule has already been
2-7 A universe that closely resembles a universe to which the slide rule has already been
8-21 A universe with a different political structure, but the same rulers
22-35 A universe with different national borders
36-46 A universe with different natural disasters
47-54 A universe populated with different races
55-61 A universe with different deities
62-65 A universe with no deities if the previous universe had one, and vice versa
66-76 A universe with a very different technological level
77-87 A universe with a very different magical level
88-91 A universe with one physical law/game rule drastically changed
92-99 A universe with different geography

In general, except when circumstances make it impossible or far too likely for the same people to be born or created, there will be alternate versions of the people who travel through the portal in the new universe they arrive in.

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