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Balance: Fighter

Shoop da Whoop [Type::Monstrous] Summary::Your breath weapon cone focuses into a line twice the distance and 5 feet wide. Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::A breath weapon with an area of effect cone.]]Benefit: You have the option to focus your breath weapon's cone into a line effect 5 feet wide and twice the distance of your breath's cone.

Example: If you have a 30 foot cone of cold breath weapon, you may opt to instead attack with a 60 foot line of cold. Damage dealt and any saving throw are unaffected by this change.Special: If your breath weapon is already capable of a line, you still gain the extra damage effect option. By spending a standard action to to charge your breath weapon, you can deal an extra damage of the same type as your breath weapon as if it had been metamagically empowered. As you charge your breath weapon, you must take a free action to shout the words "I'MA CHARGIN' MAH LASER!". Before you use your breath weapon, you must then take a free action to shout "I'MA FIRIN' MAH LASER!". This charge can be held for one round.

This is a good ability to focus in on a single target in a crowded area, avoiding allies, or to hit a target from a longer distance, or to clear out a hallway. Essentially, this ability allows you to sacrifice total area for distance.

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