Shock Gauntlet (5e Item) Edit

Description: The shock gauntlet is a item used by many Izzet Guild Mages in the city of Ravnica. The gauntlet itself is used to channel electricity for Izzet experiments. It channels lightning, and then at the press of a button. funnels it out from the fingers, dealing fire and lightning damage to up to 5 targets in the radius of the bolts of lightning. Feel Free To Edit Constructively!

Shock Gauntlet: Magic Item


A graphic representation of the gauntlets. Drawn by

Rare Item: Dungeon Master can decide rarity percent, but normally classified as Very Rare.


Dual-Wielded Capability

Melee Capability: 2d8+Str Modifier

5d10 damage

Fire+Lightning DMG: 2d20+Cha Modifier Or Arcana Modifier.

Punching+Phys DMG: 2d8+Str Mod

Fire And Lightning: Deadly Duo: This item also can be used with elemental DMG while punching, grabbing, or just pointing and aiming for blasting DMG. The information for these attacks are described below, and more history and abilities.

Summoning And Channeling Elements:

Punching: 2d8+Str Modifier

Punching While Using Lightning: 2d8+Cha Modifier

Using Lightning As A Ranged Attack: 2d20 Eldritch Blast attack.

Ranged Lightning Attacks And How Summoning The Eldritch Blast Works

In terms of channeling the spell Eldritch Blast (Comes With The Gauntlets), The PC can use the Gauntlets as normal fists, magic-enhanced fists, or ranged attack by channeling Eldritch Blast ans shooting it out of the round indent in the Gauntlets.

when the lightning is being channeled, the creature channeling it must make a constitution saving throw (DC 12). on a failed save they take 3d10 lightning damge. on a sucess, they take no damage

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