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Balance: Rogue

Shattering Screech [Type::Racial, Type::Succedaneum] Summary::You gain a Shattering Screech that deals sonic damage. Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::Succedaneum]], [[Prerequisite::Hideous Screech]], [[Prerequisite::Improved Screech]]Benefit: You gain the supernatural Shattering Screech ability.

Shattering Screech (Su): 1/minute you can scream an ear splitting trill of sonic waves. You may focus your Shattering Screech as a 30-foot radius burst centered on you or a 60-foot cone. Everyone caught in the area of effect is dealt sonic damage equal to 1d6 per your HD. Fortitude save (DC + ½ your HD + your Con bonus) for half damage.

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