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Details about the Arcane Corruption that Suffuses the Land[]

<Mention how many mobility-type effects, both magical and psionic, are impeded, and clairvoyance-type spells are often wacky too. Less haste or dimension door, more flight, plane shifting, and long-range teleportation>

The City of Tilroth[]

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Great tracts of land have been carved into the earth to make for even more room.

<Information about the city. Farms on the edge of the city grow apple-like plants on razorvines which are hard to harvest. Long dry season with a short wet season during which tainted rain falls (deals 1 nonlethal damage for every minute in it, which goes to lethal damage once nonlethal damage equals HP total). Wall surrounds the city, and farms are outside, making them prey to raiders and the like at times>

The Academy[]

<Information about the Academy, and the Institute. Also the true source of the Reavers.>

Sewers Below Tilroth[]

<Information about the Down-Below. Drow and the Resistance are here.>

The Wasteland[]


One of the old cities from the past, abandoned after the arcane corruption filled the land.

<Information about the Wasteland>