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Shadowsilk is cloth made out of magicly woven shadowstuff and is valued highly by rogues and those who would rather not be detected.

Shadowsilk's primary benefit is that anyone wearing clothing it can hide in plain sight in any lighting condition except real daylight (or a daylight spell) as long as they're not wearing armor, creating clothing out of Shadowsilk costs 100 gp, Shadowsilk can also be used to create pouches designed for concealing small items, such a pouch is 4 inches across and 4 inches long and gives a +2 bonus on slight of hand checks to conceal the items within, Shadowsilk pouches cost 75 gp. Shadowsilk can be made with a Shadow Fabrication spell (Working on it.)

Shadowsilk has one hit points per inch of thickness and hardness zero. "No Ben"

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