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Shade Edit

Your body is comprised of shadowstuff. It makes you have cool powers and whatnot.

Shades draw their power from the plane of shadow, and have nifty powers when in shadows.

Creating a Shade Edit

An intelligent creature must go through a ritual binding his body to the plane of shadow. The ritual requires 24 hours, 500 gp of materials, and a DC 15 Knowledge (The Planes) check. If the skill check fails, the materials are expended but nothing happens, and he may try again. Children of shades may or may not have this template as well (This allows characters to start as a shade).

Size and Type Edit

Size remains unchanged. Type changes to outsider, with the augmented subtype. Creatures native to the prime material gain the native subtype.

Hit Dice Edit

Class and racial HD increase by one size (d12 goes to d20). The plane of shadow makes them more difficult to kill.

Speed Edit

The shade can hover within 3 feet of the ground. This makes the shade immune to the effects of rough terrain. The shade also gains a +10ft bonus to speed while in shadowy or darker illumination.

Armor Class Edit

Shades gain a +3 Deflection bonus to armor class while in shadowy or darker illumination. The shadows literally divert attacks from him.

Attack Edit

No change.

Special Attacks Edit

No change.

Special Qualities Edit

A Shades life force is drawn from the plane of shadow and thus they do not age.

All of these effects only work in shadowy or darker illumination:

  • Darkvision 120 ft
  • Regeneration 2, fire and spells with the [Light] descriptor deal lethal damage
  • Can teleport up to 300 ft (as dimension door) as a move-equivalent action. Must start and end in shadowy or darker illumination.
  • +4 luck bonus on all saving throws
  • DR 3/-

In addition, the Shade may cast SRD:Darkness as a spell like ability at will.

Abilities Edit

Gain +2 Dex +2 Con and +2 Cha.

Skills Edit

+8 racial bonus to hide and move silently.

Organization Edit

As base creature.

Challenge Rating Edit

CR +1

Treasure Edit

As base creature.

Alignment Edit

As base creature.

Advancement Edit

As base creature.

Level Adjustment Edit

+Level Adjustment::2

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