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Scaling Races Edit

Introduction Edit

LA sucks hard, everyone knows it. But since LA seems necessary, everyone tolerates it. But the times when we had no other alternatives is over. Here is my LA slayer: scaling races. A way to balance every race to the same level. In fact this variant can be used to tone down powerful races, and allow weaker ones to keep up. After all, you can't give useful late-game stuff to an elf at first level, since it would break the game. But with scaling races, various benefits scale with hit dice. Want a race with teleportation abilities? Want it at LA 0? A while ago it would have been impossible, (unless you add some ridiculous drawback,) but now you can give the race in question a teleportaion ability scaled over level.

Mechanic Edit

Races gain additional benefit when gaining class level or Racial HD. These HDs must be permanent.

Core Races blessed with the System Edit

Races with scaling system Edit

System depending on Scaling Races Variant Edit

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The Fells came by boat 200 years ago, they had torches and steel weapons. They raided the Spharidal Coast and slaughtered many humans before settling in the Untamed Land of Ganor. Even today the Fell Land of Ganor is barren wasteland, trees were cut for the Fells wooden fort, animal were killed to feed their armies and mountain mined for ore. A sad fate indeed for the Greenland of Ganor.
—Saesel the Scholar, The Races of Ascyria
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