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Size/Type: Small Elemental (Earth, Dust)
Hit Dice: 7d10+35 (73 hp)
Initiative: +2 (+2 Dex)
Speed: 30 ft., burrow 30 ft.
Armor Class: 19 (+1 size, +1 Dex, +7 natural), touch 12, flat-footed 18
Base Attack/Grapple: +5/+4
Attack: Claw +9 melee (1d6+3)
Full Attack: 2 Claws +9 melee (1d6+3)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Sand Attack, Push
Special Qualities: Resistance to Electricity 20, Speed, Sandlegs
Saves: Fort +10, Ref +3, Will +3
Abilities: Str 17, Dex 12, Con 21, Int 11, Wis 12, Cha 11
Skills: Escape Artist +9, Listen +9, Spot +9, Disable Device +10
Feats: Improved Trip, Power Attack, Improved Overrun
Environment: Any Land and Underground
Organization: Solitary, Pair
Challenge Rating: 5
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Usually Neutral
Advancement: 8-10 HD (Small), 11-15 HD (Medium)
Level Adjustment:

Combat Edit

Sand Attack (Su): A Sandslash can fling dust into the eyes of living opponents. A Sand Attack has a range of 25 feet plus 5 feet per hit die of the Sandslash. The victim must make a Reflex save (DC 10 + Sandslash's Con Modifier + Sandslash's Hit dice), failure blinds the victim for 1d4 rounds plus one round per point of Constitution bonus the Sandslash has.

Push (Ex): A Sandslash may enact a Bullrush without provoking an attack of opportunity. A Sandslash gets +1 on its Bullrush check if both it and the target are touching the ground.

Sandlegs (Ex): A Sandslash which is touching the earth may not be tripped, and provokes no counter trip should it fail to trip another.

Speed (Su): A Sandslash may haste itself once every five minutes as the spell cast by a Sorcerer of a level equal to its hit dice.


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