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Lesser Deity
Symbol: Blood-Red Eyeball, Bordered by a putrid Green
Home Plane:
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Destruction, Death, Magic
Clergy Alignments: Neutral Evil, Neutral, Lawful Evil
Domains: Domination, Death and Destruction
Favored Weapon: Scythe

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Salandria (also known as The All-Seeing Eye, Reaper Queen, Mistress of Death) is a force of raw magical power and domination, using mainly evocation style magic, she shaped herself to destroy any and all that get in her way and the way she looks just further backs that up. Looking to be human, though she has a pair of wings identical to those of a Succubus. The right side of her body is beautiful and immaculate. Her other half is scarred and terrifying, bearing a pair of artifacts formerly known as the Eye and Hand of Vecna. During her ascension, they had a bizarre side-effect, morphing and forming into a power more reflective on her rather than Vecna. She eventually founded a major city on her home plane and quickly gained followers believing she was a Goddess sent to aid them. Using this to her advantage, she realized latent potential for Divinity and was able to ascend, eventually becoming a strong anti-undead force and Shepard of lost souls.

Dogma Edit

Salandria demands that the dead stay dead, and as such is a major face in anti-undead circles. Despite being generally evil, clerics of Salandria have been known to work with the likes of Pelor's clerics and other good deities when confronting extremely powerful undead. Her Clerics are sworn under pain of death to never use resurrection magic, as using them goes against Salandria's word. She also says that you may do as needed to survive or better yourself (Steal, kill, enslave, etc), as long as it's used not recklessly (she's fairly anti-chaotic). Necromancy is generally accepted within her clergy as long as it's used to create or control mindless undead and does not involve the deceased soul in any way. She also says that using mental manipulation is one of the two best ways, the other through pure magical strength, to get things done and go gain power. Both ways are very recommended. Above all else, her main decree is that souls should be lead to their patron deity, personally, to their paradise (or damnation). And such has a specific group that act as reapers, leading the souls to their patron deities.

Clergy and Temples Edit

Salandria's Churches are rather basic and simple. Mostly used to harbor Salandria's reapers, but also used to harbor victims of undead attacks. Worshipers come and go, but most worship is done out and about, usually in the form of destroying undead or spreading her influence through mind control and similar powers.

Pantheon Edit

She belongs to the default DnD Pantheon, claiming a formerly unfilled slot: The Reaper Goddess

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