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{{#set:Summary=Your spiritual energy torrents into your body and pushes your attacks faster and faster, becoming a blur of strikes. }} {{#set:Discipline=Anima River|Type=Stance}}

Rushing Cascade Stance
Anima River (Stance)
Level: Level::3
Prerequisite: One Anima River maneuver
Initiation Action: Swift
Range: Personal
Target: Self

You attack in a flurry of strikes, the energy powering them boiling up from deep within your soul.

Your body is a spiritual dynamo of energy, and you can release the floodgates, allowing you to lash out faster than ever before. You are able to flurry any light weapons, all special monk weapons, and all weapons of the Anima River discipline as if you were a monk of your initiator level. Unlike a monk, you pay perform a flurry of blows in light or no armor. As typical for flurry, you take a -2 penalty to all the attacks you make in your full attack action.

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