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Rod of Wonder Victim Edit

[[Summary::You are the personal victim of one the most most unpredictable forces in the world: a rod of wonder.]]

Benefit: Your skin (or hair, if you wish) turns any color of your choice. There is no mechanical benefit to this trait, but you now have a reason to give your human character blue hair.

Drawback: None, other than maybe the advances of a harem of ladies who have a fetish for wacky hair colors.

Roleplaying Ideas: If you are an anime buff, this gives your character the opportunity to be just like all those pink, white, or purple-haired people. Or maybe you want to feel like a drow but still get that bonus feat from being human, so you settle for coal-black skin. Since the character most likely recieved their unique pigmentation by accident, however, they are not always likely to be a fan of their own coloration. It's the player's little secret!

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