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Summary::A computer that can rapidly memorize and expend arcane spells.

The Robomage looks like a large metal sphere on a stick, with two well-articulated rubber arms coming out of the sides of the sphere, a camera in the center of the sphere, and a little grid of holes below the camera denoting the location of the speaker system. Buttons and knobs on the stick allow it to be controlled well with two hands.

Built by advanced peoples from a distant land that only recently discovered magic, the Robomage is basically a hard disk, a flash drive, some fancy parsing code, and a setup for casting the spells.

The Robomage can store up to 50 pages-worth of arcane spells on its permanent hard disk. It's possible to write new arcane spells onto the hard disk by aiming the camera at the spell where it is written down for a while. This process takes one minute per page.

The Robomage can memorize one spell on its flash drive at a time. This process takes one round. Casting a spell from the flash drive (thus wiping the flash drive) takes as long as it takes a normal caster to cast a spell.

The Robomage's caster level is only 1, and its relevant ability modifier is -5, although it can cast any level of arcane spell.

Robomagi are generally unusual enough that it's very hard to put a price on them, but in optimal circumstances they can cost as little as 50,000 gold pieces.

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