{{author |author_name=sadisticdm |date_created=1/10/16 |status=<!--how close to completion.--> {{#set:Type=Major}} == <!--Ring of Tryyn --> == <!-- This ring appears to entirely comprised of woven thorny vines.It is dark green and feels alive to the touch. When put on the words Tryyn out summons a plant man about 1 ft tall. His body is comprised of the same vines as the ring. His first words are " How may I serve you Master." He starts with the same stats as a dimunitve plant creature but gains a size category every ten years growning to maximum of colassal. He is very intelligent and his stats rival those of an adventurer. No type of magical compulsion can cause him to harm his master. He can be charmed and smooth -talked but the spell ends the moment they try to make him attack his master. Tryyn even serves his master even when the ring is not worn forming a thorny armor that grows with Tryyn. this gives an increasing bonus to AC.At maximum size the wearer grows a size category when the ring as not worn as the ring reaches it's full potential turning the user into an living war machine of natures wrath. The user is fully capable of laying waste to the enemies of nature. If the user keeps the ring until this transformation happens they are approached by arch Druids and given the option to sacrifice current class levels for Druid levels if this would max out his Druid levels, the user becomes capable of not only using Tryyn as an armored avatar but also gain the ability to fuse with him while wearing the ring becoming a colossal plant with the devestating wrath of an arch- Druid. The command word for the fusion is Tryyn hard. While wearing the ring the user can command Trynn back into the ring with the command Tryyn in. While in the ring Trynn provides fast healing 5 and damage resistance 15 /adamantine ---- {{3.5e Artifacts Breadcrumb}} [[Category:3.5e]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:Equipment]] [[Category:Artifact]]

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