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Ring of Severance

{{#set:Summary=Creates a spectral hand that is corporeal and can be used as a normal hand within 30 feet of the caster.}}

This ring bears the resemblance of a crude cast-iron ring. There is nothing exceptional about it beyond that. This ring has also been named the Hand of Shadow and is a favorite of many necromancers, who will seek it out if they hear of its whereabouts.

When put on a finger, the ring closes in on itself, severing the finger which falls to the ground. The severed finger quickly withers to dust. If tried upon every finger on the same hand, it will sever all of them except the last. When slipped onto the last finger, all the other fingers will regenerate – bones will regrow and tendons and skin will wrap around the bones in one round. When this process is complete, it grants its wearer the ability to summon a ghostly hand at will. The hand can be moved about at will, up to 30’ away from the wearer. In effect it can be used as an extension of the wearers own hand as everything it touches can be felt by the wearer. This can be used to deliver touch attacks, wield a weapon, or do anything that a hand attached to the wearer could normally do.

Caster Level: 12th; Prerequisites: Forge Ring, spectral hand; Price Cost::66,000 gp.

Weaknesses Edit

When frozen, the ring can be shattered with a blow doing 10 or more points of damage.

Adventure Hook Edit

One of the savants have invited the party to his home. When the dinner is finished, they enter the library and he tells them why he has called upon them, asking for their services. He is looking for a Ring of Severance, a magical item which is also called the Hand of Shadow. He tells them that this item is quite dangerous, and that he fears if it should ever fall into the wrong hands. He knows its current location, the Ruins of the Fallen, located in the southern desert. He will even supply the adventurers with a map, and some minor items if they would consider taking this quest. He will tell them the story of the Fallen, a knight who served the Desertwalker, a powerful necromancer, but was cursed for his betrayal and made into a death knight.

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