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{{#set: |Type=Major |Summary=Chance twists around the wearer, and all sorts of unlikely or impossible things happen regularly. }}

Ring of Pandemonium

What the ring is made from is impossible to tell – it constantly changes appearance, one second being golden with a green gem, the other being black with a white marble inlay, etc.

When the ring is donned nothing out of the ordinary is felt, but the change in appearance slows down to about once per minute. When the ring has been worn for about an hour, the wearer starts to notice changes. Every once in a while something strange happens around him. He might see a statue turning to look at him, a priest suddenly inviting him to dinner treating him like a long lost pal, a group of people standing silently looking at the ground hushing all that passes by. As time passes, the happenings get stranger, and the wearer might feel he is loosing his mind, seeing things that shouldn’t or couldn’t be happening. If people are asked about the happenings, they would either deny the happenings or think them completely normal. No matter what the wearer thinks, the happenings are real.

The ring twists reality around it and the only one who sees it is the wearer of the ring. If the ring is worn for 5 or more consecutive days, the result will be havoc. A whole city might be rearranged, a king begging in the street and a beggar sitting bloated on the throne. Nothing is impossible at that state.

Removing the ring doesn’t undo what already happened, but no new happenings occur. Eventually the king might regain his power, but nothing is certain.

Caster Level 30

Weaknesses Edit

The only way to destroy the ring is to make a creature of chaos, such as a Slaad, wear it.

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