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Ring of Miraculous Failure Edit

{{#set:Summary=This wondrous ring increases your effective caster level, but comes with a heavy price...}}

This cursed ring increases its wearer's effective caster level by 2 and, once put on, cannot be removed except by Remove Curse, Limited Wish, Wish, or Miracle. Its wearer incurs the failure rate of a Fail Mage with an equivalent fail mage level of the character's caster level.

Special Edit

A Fail Mage who equips this ring gains the aforementioned bonus to caster level, and is able to purposefully activate his failures a number of times per day equal to his intelligence modifier. This knowledge is imparted on the fail mage upon donning the ring.

Strong conjuration; CL 15th; Forge Ring, Bestow Curse; Price Cost::40,000 gp.

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