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{{#set:Type=General}} [[Summary::you have some strange ways about you and this has made you more resistant to magical damage in a strange way to fit your strange self

prerequisites= two ability score at 20 or more, two ability score at 5 or less]]

{{#set:Prerequisite=None}}the strange way that your body works has made it so magic does not damage you the way it shouldBenefit: this allows you to have a dr5 that can only be used for magical damage for the use of this dr.Example: if you get hit with a fire ball for 7 damage you instead take 2 damage if you get hit with a sword for 7 damage you still take 7 damage.Normal: you take damage from magic normally.Special: this feat can only be taken by using the bonus feat from taking a flaw. this feat can be taken twice the effects stack.

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