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Revised Necromancer Handbook[edit | edit source]

Summary::This is a discussion of how to play a necromancer. Not how to make a weird 20th level build that does something cute, but actually how to play a character interested in the dark arts in real games. There are many ways to build a decent necromancer, and unfortunately many more ways to make a necromantically inclined character that is tragically incapable of contributing to the machinations of their party. Hopefully, this handbook will help you avoid the pitfalls even as it introduces you to the interactions of the bewilderingly large school of necromantic effects in such a way as to allow them to be used for good.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Necromantic Classes

The Necromancer Wizard
The Necromancer Cleric
The Dread Necromancer
Other Spellcasting Classes

All About Rebuking

Rebuking by level and Source

Necromancy on a Budget
Proper Care and Feeding of Skeletons
You want the Best you can get

Command Undead
Creating Undead
Unusual Undead Creation
Some Surprisingly Good Undead

The Builds

Level by Level Progressions
Feats for the Necromantically-Inclined

Unusual Rules

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