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Summary::Repair kits are toolkits assembled for the specific use of repairing constructs, and machinery without needing to have a large lab or machine shop at one's disposal. A repair kit is usually a sturdy, small wooden or metal chest and contains reparation tools, adhesives, a small scattering of more universal machine components to aid in maintenance or repair. Repair kits come in a variety of quality ranging from +1 to +10, each of which adding the corresponding number to the result of any skill check made while using the item. A repair kit is specially prepared before hand, and its contents are effectively depleted after one usage. The kit can be used for a multitude of different maintenance oriented purposes. Lastly, a repair kit may be used even if the user has no active ranks in any Craft skill, but such a person can only use the kit to attempt and repair mundane machines (no constructs, which are sustained by magical essence.

Using a Repair Kit[]

To use a repair kit, the user makes a Craft check with his current modifiers and adds the bonus contained within the kit. The result of the skill check determines the scope and effectiveness of the reparation attempt. When not threatened, a person may take 20 on a Craft check with a repair kit. The pacticular Craft skill that is required depends upon the task at hand, but a repair kit can be used in concordance with any Craft skill.

Repairing Constructs: With a repair kit, you can restore damage to constructs without the help of magics that you might not possess. The base DC for normal maintenance is 0, and the amount of hit points recovered by the target of the reparation is equal to the result of your check. To repair a construct, you must have at least one rank in at least one of the Craft skills relevant to its method of construction; for instance, to be able to repair a clay golem with a repair kit, you need at least one rank in either Craft (sculpting) or Craft (pottery). Repair kits can always be used on mundane machines. Such machines that have their own hit points can be repaired hitpoint-wise. Machines that do not have their own hit point pool, possibly due to being too large for convention, usually has one or more repair DCs determined by DM ruling.

Item Information[]

Weight: 2 lb.

Cost: 50 gp (+1); 60 gp (+2); 70 gp (+3); 90 gp (+4); 110 gp (+5); 140 gp (+6); 170 gp (+7); 210 gp (+8); 250 gp (+9); 300 gp (+10);

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