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Reality Shaper {{#set:Type=General}} Summary::You can shape primordial chaos into powerful magic items. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Three or more Item Creation feats, caster level 10th+|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: You can transform Raw Chaos into magic items. Doing so takes the normal creation time for the item, but reduces its cost to create by 200,000 GP and its experience cost to create by 40,000 EXP. You can make multiple magic items out of the same piece of Raw Chaos, and need not work consecutively, but before you begin your work you must decide what you are going to make the chaos into. Raw chaos is potent stuff, and you gain the ability to use use the Use Magic Device skill if you have it to emulate spell prerequisites as though you had scrolls of any such spells made by a Wizard, Cleric, or Druid at minimum caster level. If the spell does not appear on their lists, you may emulate it as though from any class that can cast ninth-level spells; failing that, any class is permissible. You need only do this once per crafting per spell, and must do this in order from lowest caster level to highest; each previous successful check raises the DC of subsequent checks by two. Items created out of Raw Chaos usually detect as strongly chaotic for a long time after having been made that way, but usually this fades after a few years. The vestiges of chaos in the item, however, are not predictable and may remain for longer, or leave sooner.

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