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Ready Talisman
Price: 12,500 gp
Body Slot: Neck
Caster Level: 7th
Aura: Moderate evocation
Activation: Use activated
Weight: — lb.

This ornate round talisman is crafted of magically charged silver, inlaid with three tear shaped sapphires, with their tips pointing to its center.

The ready talisman allows its wearer to quickly prepare for battle. At the start of the day, or at any time out of combat, the wearer (or any other spellcaster) may imbue the talisman with up to three spells of his choice. Imbuing the talisman is as simple as casting the necessary spells on it. When one or more spells are imbued, the same amount of sapphires glow to denote the number of spells currently active inside the talisman. The user may call upon the talisman's power at any time as a standard action, at which point the user simultaneously receives the benefits of all imbued spells. Imbued spells disappear from the talisman after use.

The spells imbued in the talisman must be beneficial to the user. Their durations depend upon the spellcaster's caster level as normal and start at the moment the talisman is used. Spells that affect multiple targets or an area can also be imbued, but the user will be the sole recipient. If the talisman is not used, any imbued spell expires after 24 hours.

Prereqs: Craft Wondrous Item, imbue with spell ability. CL 6th.
Cost: 12,500 gp; 6,250 gp + 500 XP.

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